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Get quick answers to the most important questions about your French language learning

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What is the right age to start learning the French language?

Anyone over 4 years of age can start learning French.

Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?

Yes, Level 1 (A1) is a beginner-level course that begins with the French alphabets.

Should I have taken French as a subject in school or college to do these courses?

Not necessarily, as we begin with the basics.

What is the medium of instruction?

French is taught through French only. We do not believe in teaching French in any other language.

How long will It take for me to be fluent in the language?

Fluency in a language is possible only through continuous practice.

How many levels are there in French?

There are 6 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

How many levels are offered at Simply FRENCH?

All the levels, A1 --> C2

What is the duration of each course?

The course duration ranges from one to eight months, depending upon the course applied for.

What is the duration of each classroom session?

The duration of each class depends upon the course and is held somewhere between one hour to two and a half hours.

How are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted through our personalised platform

Do you recommend private class or in a group? Which is a better option?

Click here to help us understand your need to guide you further in this regard. 

Can I reschedule the timing of my class?

Yes, to a reasonable limit if you have joined a one on one - timing alterable.

When do you offer your French classes? Are they on weekdays and weekends?

We conduct classes on all days, except on public holidays.

I work on Saturdays. Do you have a Sunday-Only course?

Yes, we offer a Sunday only course for working professionals.

I live in the Middle East. Do you have a Friday-Only course?

Yes, we offer a Friday only course for our clients from the Middle East.

I only have very limited time to brush up on French. Do you offer any customised crash courses?

Yes we do have crash courses for those who are interested in learning the French language within a short span of time

How do I register for the course?

Please feel free to contact us through mail for further guidance.

 Is there a registration fee for joining a course?

Yes, we do have a registration fee for joining

How much is your course fee for each level?

The course fee varies according to individual courses. For more details you may contact the institute on working days.

When do I need to pay for my course?

Since admission is based on a first come first served basis, the early bird catches the worm

Can I pre-register for a course in case the current batch is filled?

Yes, you may pre-register by paying the registration fees.

Do I have to pay the entire fee at the beginning of the course, or can I pay it monthly?

All fees require payment in full,  in advance.

Do you provide study materials for this course?

Yes, we do provide the study materials

Are the fees inclusive of learning materials?

Yes, the fees are inclusive of learning materials.

Can I get a paperback form of the book?

Yes, but you have to pay a separate fee in that case

Will you provide a French language learning certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, we do. A French language learning certificate will be issued at the end of the course provided that you have attained 80% attendance.

Will you help me to get a Student Visa for France?


Will you inform me about future job opportunities?

Yes, we believe in helping our students to pursue their dreams and attain their goals

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