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We're indebted to your support !

Updated: Mar 25

5th Anniversary – 27 March 2024
I am extremely proud to officially mark the fifth anniversary of Simply FRENCH. Your unwavering support has motivated us to excel in the French language training.
When Simply FRENCH was founded in March 2019, we were a small team in a challenging environment, but with a well-defined vision and mission. In these five years, we have gained better experience, strengthened our skills and collaborations.
The professional team at SF has been successful in helping students clear examinations such as DELF, DALF, DFP, TEF CANADA and FIDÉ SWISS, in addition to organising workshops such as French language translation, interpretation, conversation, grammar, phonetics, storytelling, poetry and music, etc.
We also introduced our exclusive program, FIP (French Immersion Programme), designed specifically for schools, colleges, and corporate clients.
On this auspicious occasion of our fifth anniversary, we are proud to add one more feather in our cap, an exclusive French learning course, the FAST LANE, an integrated fast-track course of level A1 to B2. In short, SF, through excellence and expertise in French language teaching, is a one-stop solution for all your French needs. 
We take this opportunity to thank those who paused here for a while in learning French, before embarking on their journeys, to follow their dreams and pursue a career in francophone countries.
As Aristotle said, “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, and intelligent execution. It represents the wisest choice of many alternatives — choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”
Warm regards, 
Visakh Ramachandran


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